MediaTek VS Snapdragon

MediaTek VS Snapdragon Processor Full Detailed Comparison

Technology is not limited to 21st-century technology. Our smartphone is one of the most well-known examples of emerging technology. They are becoming more powerful and ripped every day. When we talk about the smartphone’s performance, everyone knows which factor the performance depends on, the hardware offered by the brand, and the optimization done by the developers/engineers. The iPhone is an excellent example of hardware optimization. However, Android has more than 70% of the market. This article will focus on Android only. The two most well-known processors that power Android devices are Qualcomm and MediaTek. This post will compare the two processor manufacturers, MediaTek VS Snapdragon.


First, we’re talking about MediaTek and what the company offers. In the comparison, we only consider the powerful SoCs from both manufacturers. MediaTek was the inventor of the Deca Core processor. A smartphone can process more data simultaneously, resulting in greater parallelism. MediaTek offers a range of top-quality processors, including the Helio X27 (MT6797X), Helio X30(MT6799T), Helio X20 (MT6797), Helio X25 (2MT6797T), Helio X20 (1MT6797), and Helio X20 (0MT6797). They also offer P series processors called Helio P20 (MT6757T), Helio P25 (5MT6757T), Helio P25, Helio X30(MT67977), and P20(MT675757T), Helio P60, P70, P70, P70, and P90). Let’s look at the structure of MediaTek. The P-series processors, such as the Helio P10/P20/P25 and P70 P90, are the chips with the most power and efficiency. Let’s make it simple for you. These SoCs may not be the Flagship, but they have the potential to run all modern apps. Their X-series processors, such as Helio X25/Helio X20 and Helio X27, were well-known for their incredible performance. However, smartphones are nearly extinct at the moment. These chips are much more affordable than their competitors. Why do many Chinese smartphones use MediaTek SoCs? These chips offer similar performance to the competitors but are still a bit cheaper.

A Chinese manufacturer’s latest smartphone has proven that a MediaTek chip can do great things. The phone costs around 219$ but still scores a respectable 1,10,000+ in the Antutu tests. Although we don’t blindly believe that the processor can match other processors, the smartphone used an Helio X27. The Helio X30 scored a 141982 score. That means future processors such as X35 and X40 will offer superior performance and perform better than their predecessors.


We will now discuss the top processors of Qualcomm- Snapdragon650/660/675 and Snapdragon 652/653, Snapdragon 642/653, Snapdragon 430/435, and Snapdragon 625/626. They also have Snapdragon 710/720, Snapdragon 710/720, Snapdragon 710/720, Snapdragon 710/720, Snapdragon 710/720, Snapdragon 630/636, and Snapdragon 630/626. There are also flagship processors like the Snapdragon 835, Snapdragon 855, Snapdragon 865, and the beast Snapdragon 865. These were the top processors offered by Qualcomm in 2019-20. The budget-oriented phones used some of the Snapdragon 425/430/435/450 processors, while the more extreme ones used the Snapdragon 636,660/710 processors. Qualcomm is the only company to have powered a dozen Flagship phones in 2019-2020, including the OnePlus 6, OnePlus 6T, and Xiaomi Mi Mix 3. Note20, OnePlus 8 Series, and many others.

Snapdragon 865 vs. MediaTek Dimensity 800 and 1000 and 1000+ 5G

Both are monsters from MediaTek and Qualcomm. The Snapdragon 865 runs on Samsung’s 7nm EUV technology, which is 15% to 20% more efficient than the Dimensity processor. The Dimensity 800 is a mid-range processor. Oppo A92s recently saw this processor with a price tag below $400. It makes perfect sense, so it’s not fair to compare it with 865.

Dimensty 1000 is loaded on a flagship phone, so it makes sense to compare the two processors. The Snapdragon 865 is equipped with a single A77 core, which gives the fastest clock speed. There are also three A77 cores as well as four A55 cores. Dimensity 1000 has MediaTek, which comes with four powerful A77 cores. Additionally, the Dimensity 1,000 got 4 A55 cores. It can clock at 2.6GHz and 4 of the most energy-efficient A55 cores.

You now have an idea of the fastest processor on the specs paper. The Snapdragon 865 is the winner. AntTuTu also shows a clear distinction between smartphones. The SD 865 scores almost 600k, while the Dimensity 1000 scores approx 500k. It makes a significant difference between these two devices. However, the Snapdragon 865 is the winner.

Snapdragon 865 comes with Adreno650 GPU, while Dimensity 1000 uses Mali-G77 GPU. Both are excellent, but Adreno 650 is the winner. It has more features and points than MediaTek’s processor. The Adreno 650 supports display resolutions up to 144Hz, while the Mali-G77 can support high refresh rate displays up to 120Hz. These differences are not all the same, and you can now see which processor will be best for the Graphical experience.

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 865 is the clear winner for now. We all know that tech is dynamic and constantly changing. The future may see a different outcome. These processors can be compared in detail by looking at the specifications below.

Density 1000 Plus will also be available on MediaTek. The device includes a new Redmi phone, K30 Pro, and other features. You can also use dual 5G SIMs in the phone, which will display at 144Hz. It still has a lot to do before it can beat the 865.

Mediatek Vs. Snapdragon for Gaming in 2021

Both CPU chip companies are doing well in the smartphone market. Snapdragon is now entering the laptop market with its 600 series chips. Rumors abound that Snapdragon will enter the laptop market with its 600 series chip. Leaks claim that Snapdragon is working with JIO, the most well-known Indian Telecom Operator, to launch India’s first Android-based laptop. This laptop is expected to be an Android-skinned 4G model. Mediatek is a leader in gaming and has transformed the landscape for the better in 2020 and 2021.

They were already running in the background of Snapdragon in 2019 and are now following their lead. Snapdragon is not still focusing on its processor to make it more efficient and optimized for gaming, despite having taken many steps ahead. It is best to avoid a Snapdragon-based gaming smartphone and instead look for Mediatek chips. They are superior in gaming but are also suitable for everyday use.

If gaming is your primary preference, you should choose the MediaTek HelioG series chipsets. Snapdragon is excellent for everyday use and other daily tasks.

Mediatek Vs. Snapdragon for Custom Rom?

The Snapdragon is the best choice for custom ROM installation, beating all competitors. GCam support, custom ROM support, and other features are superior to Mediatek chips. Lineage OS, among others, focuses heavily on Snapdragon-based Smartphones. MediaTek-based Smartphones can be used to install custom ROMs, but users have a lot more trouble with this.