About Us

Ram Kumar, the visionary behind Phonetrendz, understands the power of the people around us. Their motivation and inspiration can drive us to achieve greatness. At Phonetrendz, the more we draw from our audience’s aspirations, the more rewarding our journey becomes. We are here to communicate what sets our website’s services apart and inspire trust because we believe that without faith, one can never realize their dreams are our dreams.

Following the wise words of Rand Fishkin, who once tweeted, “The best way to sell something is not to sell anything. Earn the awareness, respect, and trust of those who might buy,” our passion for entrepreneurship lies in understanding the value of our customers and their dreams. We firmly believe that “you are enough.” Our mission is to ensure that every visitor receives relevant and reliable content and feels a sense of reliance on it. We recognize the challenges of starting your own business or pursuing your dreams, and that is why Phonetrendz is here to extend a helping hand to those in need, providing them with a clear direction.

Phonetrendz offers comprehensive guidance for business start-ups, delivered with convenience in mind. But we don’t stop there. We strive to share stories of real people who have overcome obstacles and achieved success, inspiring and motivating you along the way. Our platform also shares insightful and thought-provoking content to assist you in pursuing your dreams.

What began as a small but ambitious venture by Ram Kumar in 2015 has now evolved and transcended all boundaries. Ram firmly believes that starting a business should not be a struggle for others as it was for him. With this in mind, he has dedicated himself to ensuring that people face no worries when starting and running businesses, whether on a small scale or with substantial capital. Our website content is available in a bilingual format to ensure accessibility for all. Ram takes personal care of most aspects of the work. At the same time, market strategy is expertly handled by Harikesh Chauhan and Sachin Khurana. We have curated stories that truly matter, filled with heart and soul, where readers can discover and understand that nothing is impossible when you are determined.

At Phonetrendz, we promise our audience an exceptional experience. Once you visit us, we are confident you will be captivated and become a permanent community member. We aim to serve you on a silver platter, catering to your needs and aspirations.

Join us at Phonetrendz and let us embark on a journey together, where your dreams become our shared vision.