Upcoming Smartwatches of 2018 and Beyond Check the Complete List

upcoming smartwatches

We are going to talk about the best upcoming smartwatches from various companies. Smartwatches are becoming more and more popular these days most of the makers of the big smartphone are excited to launch their smartwatch due to increasing demand in the market of upcoming smartwatches. Some most major smartphone makers have already launched their upcoming smartwatches in the markets; they are now willing to upgrade the variants. We can’t deny that upcoming smartwatches will be the most modern gadgets in upcoming future, even it can replace the smartphones in upcoming next 6 to 10 years. Have a look at the upcoming smartwatches below which are expected to launch in 2017 and 2018

The smartphones like OnePlus 5, LG V30, have proved that a smartphone can offer a compelling hardware and a fantastic set of cameras as well. So in 2017, we have witnessed that how smartphones have replaced some gadgets and a new gadget is there which we believe in future will replace the smartphones, and we are indeed talking about upcoming smartwatches here.

We know that currently, upcoming smartwatches are not in a position so that every person can think of it but it is one of the smallest pieces of consumer wearable tech available right now, as 2018 is knocking the door, we can expect some cool upcoming smartwatches in the upcoming year. In today’s article, we will be discussing some upcoming smartwatches which may be coming in 2018

upcoming smartwatches are very much a mainstream tech category now, with top wrist wearable companions from the likes of Apple, Fitbit, Samsung, Fossil, Tag Heuer, Garmin, Huawei and LG helping to create a boom in popularity… 35 million smartwatches are expected to be bought in 2018.

But, what is the best upcoming smartwatches ?

upcoming smartwatches contain fitness trackers like heart rate monitor, steps count, calorie tracker and many other which will be tempting to a fitness freak. Currently, there are many smartwatches present in the market from giant tech companies like Apple, Motorola, Samsung and other and the product they offer are feature rich and are an ultimate tech gadget.

The year 2018 was a great year for upcoming smartwatches and we saw some great products like Samsung Gear 3, Apple Watch, Fossil Q Marshal, Moto 360 (2nd Gen) etc. Each of these had great features. And the good thing is that the companies are now focussing more on the looks and design of the smartwatches.

Looking forward to the year 2018 and there has already been some leeks and rumors surfacing the internet. Not all of them are true but after a bit of research here are the findings. There are many upcoming smartwatches that are highly anticipated. We present here the best upcoming Smartwatch 2018 with the comparison and latest updates available.

It’s tougher than ever to choose the best smartwatch but, with both fashion brands and the traditional tech powerhouses all with smartwatch models on sale, there are plenty of different upcoming smartwatches to choose from – across all budgets.

So, whether you’re looking for the top fitness smartwatch, the best smartwatch for your iPhone, the pick of the Android Wear bunch, or simply a good smartwatch for less than $200 there’s bound to a a upcoming smartwatches that suits you.

Check Upcoming Smartwatches 2018

  1. HTC Halfbeak

Upcoming Smartwatches

The next best upcoming smartwatch is HTC’s Halfbreak Android wear. According to the leaked images of this smartwatch, we can say that the smartwatch will arrive in a circle casing as opposed to a square molded body as beforehand observed in Samsung upcoming smartwatches. In the Display area, it will come with an OLED screen with 360 x 360 pixels resolutions. However, it is not confirmed that it will offer some protection for the screen or not, but we believe that it can come with Gorilla Glass protection.

Halfbeak may remain for the OS, in the leaked picture it is incompletely demonstrating Halfbeak, while the serial number and assembled number are obviously noticeable and we can say visible. On the rear panel, it has an Armor and the HTC marking (branding) which is indicating that HTC may have worked together with the accompanying brand to make the item. It will likewise accompany a Heart Rate Sensor at the back.

However, the quality and finishing of this smartwatch are not at its best, as you can look into leaked images too. But still it seems in development, maybe it is a concept design of the smartwatch, which isn’t finished yet properly.

  1. Google’s Smartwatch

Upcoming Smartwatches

Angelfish and Swordfish, the two upcoming smartwatches from Google, is in the rumors right now. Both wearables will be announced in 2018, as per the market news which we are getting. The launch date we can expect in somewhere in 2018 because it looks Google will do little late in the new smartwatches.

So anyway let’s talk about the rumored upcoming smartwatches one by one. Both wearables will be packed with a very quick Google’s assistance.


It is clearly mentioned via (AndroidPolice) one of the biggest leak maker, that the Google’s smartwatch Angelfish will be 42mm and 46mm sizes. The device will come packed with GPS, LTE connectivity that feels interesting too, and there will be a heart-rate monitor, which will help you in checking your heart rate. The Smartwatch is said to come with a Lenovo’s Moto 360 like design. It may come with Android Wear 2.0 OS, but it’s not much clear yet. The Angelfish will come with two other buttons including one more. However, the exact procedure of these buttons is yet not clear.


Swordfish will come with a much less bezel circular display, as compared to the Angelfish. It will have a single button unlike to the Angelfish. However, the procedure of this button is also not clear. The device might not come with LTE, GPS, and most important heart rate sensor in the higher model too.

It may launch with Android Wear 2.0. After looking into the specifications, we can say that Swordfish will be a cheap Device, whereas Angelfish will be a high-end. The price of both upcoming smartwatches will be dissimilar to each other.

  1. Microsoft Surface Watch

Upcoming Smartwatches

As per reports, Microsoft’s prototype smartwatch testing project has moved on to its Surface team, which means they are very deeply invested in the project now as the main projects are handled by the Surface Department.

The Surface brand tag is currently used for their Laptops, hybrids, and PCs, and for long it is being also used for the upcoming rumored Surface Phone which hasn’t become a reality yet. As we believe that in the year 2018, they could launch long-rumored Surface Phone along with the expected Surface Smartwatch.

Everybody might feel that Microsoft is not anymore in the smartphone and smartwatch market, but to prove everyone wrong and make their mark in this industry they will launch their Surface devices in 208, which will bring a change in the history of the industry. The specs of the smartwatch are yet to be revealed, but as per strong rumors, it will come with an Oxynitride Aluminum body, which will be more harder than regular metal.

  1. OnePlus Smartwatch

Upcoming Smartwatches

You all get confused, right? Why we are here talking about the OnePlus smartwatch. As we all know that OnePlus head denied the launching plan of OnePlus smartwatch; but we still believe that there is more chance to update the decision. The market situations are dynamic; it changes as per the conditions, as per the new technology, and most important as per the demand.

We never believed that we’d see a 4GB RAM smartphone under 10000 (120$), but the result is in front of you all. Nokia was the biggest smartphone company that we all remember; now it looks a smallest, that’s because they failed to understand the market demand, the upgraded technology.

The whole scenario we’ve created to explain you a simple concept, that every time there is a possibility. The OnePlus smartwatch may launch in 2018. Companies like Apple, Samsung, Sony are preparing their upcoming smartwatches even Google too. In upcoming few months, the biggest companies will change the market competitions, and create more space more demand in the smartwatch market.

The OnePlus will be surely waiting for this, and in 2018 they may launch a smartwatch with their new device which will be named as OnePlus 6. In future, there will be a trend to launch a smartwatch along with their flagship device as we believe. That’s our views, but we cannot say anything 100% correct, we’ve tried to explain every possible thing.

  1. Motorola Moto 360 (Launched)

Upcoming Smartwatches

The Moto 360 (3rdGen) will be a successor to its Gen 2 edition. The Lenovo-owned company Moto has contributed some best upcoming smartwatches in the wearable market. This time we expect some unique design from their 3rd Gen watch.

The watch will be available with IP67 for water resistance; it means if you are in a deep pool then no need to worry it will be still safe. It will come with more bezel-less design or they I decide to redesign this watch which will be dissimilar from the previous series.

It will be packed with LTE connectivity, GPS, and a gorgeous front camera too. There is very less info related to this watch, but we’ll update whenever we get something interesting for this topic.

  1. Sony SmartWatch 4

Upcoming Smartwatches

The Sony Smartwatch 3 was a huge success, and now they are looking for another game changer. Still, there are very few rumors about this guy.

The launch date is still not clear; rumors indicate that it may hit the markets in September 2018, but some source also suggests that it will arrive in starting months of 2018. There are several rumors about this wearable in the market, but we don’t know that they are real or not. Let’s look at some leaked improvements. The smartwatch will comes more Accurate GPS. It will have an Android Pay option so that you can pay anywhere with you wearable.

There will be a built-in Speaker. This time it will come with more sensor options. They may provide a fast charging technology this time. The design will be slimmer too.

  1. Huawei Watch 2

Upcoming Smartwatches

As the successor to the main wearable from Huawei named Huawei watch, its second-gen item is additionally going ahead next CES – Huawei Watch 2/(Huawei Watch II). As per lake stars, it will be more delicate, capable of pulling in the ladies to it. Aside from alternate makers, now the Huawei points towards Ladies.

This second era model of Huawei Watch will have more preferred execution and configuration over its forerunner. It will have the capacity to associate using 4G, most likely the second 4G watch after LG’s Urbane. It implies it can withstand independently without a cell phone.

From looking on to outline, it appears to resemble a premium quartz watch with simple dials, yet with great keen elements. Different specs of the next-gen wearable haven’t unveiled yet. In any case, we expect that it will have more strong element than the contemporary adaptation of Huawei Watch.

  1. Apple Watch Series 4

Upcoming Smartwatches

Apple is one of the best brands when it comes to quality devices, and in 2018 as well we can expect some cool watch stuff from them. There are expectations that Apple may come with new watch series. This time rumor suggests that the design of the watch will be different from the present, the new  Apple Watch series four will have a circular design instead of a traditional square design. The present Apple Watch is fast enough to manage any tasks you add, but the upcoming Apple Watch four will have a better and improved chip inside with more RAM. This time Apple will include more fitness features as the present watch lacks in the fitness category.

The upcoming Apple Watch will have the hardware to monitor sleeping patterns, heart rate, calories burnt, steps count, etc. Rumors suggest that watch series four will be a stand-alone device, unlike the present watch which means that there will be no need to carry your iPhone to make it run. It will also feature waterproofing due to which it can be taken to pool for recording your lapse. And there is also a possibility that in the upcoming watch Apple might remove the extra screen bezels as seen on the iPhone X.

  1. Fitbit Ionic

upcoming smartwatches

With the Ionic, Fitbit finally delivered its first smartwatch, but perhaps more importantly to some, its best fitness tracker too. Running, biking, swimming, weight lifting – the Ionic has algorithms for tracking a range of different workouts, and in our testing it’s proven to be impressively versatile.

Fitbit says the Ionic’s GPS is better than anything else on the market, and we have to say it performed admirably in testing, while the four-plus days of battery life mean you won’t be taking it off your wrist as much as any of the upcoming smartwatches above.

The Ionic doesn’t have the option of a cellular connection, however, so you won’t get the standalone functionality you get with the Apple Watch Series 3 or the Samsung Gear S3. As to whether this is a bad thing or not, it depends if you class LTE as a feature or an excess.

Overall, some blemishes aside, the Ionic is a decent smartwatch that Fitbit fans and fitness trackers will really appreciate. Fitbit knows fitness, and it’s not half-assing this that’s for sure.

Feature check: GPS, heart rate monitor, onboard music, dedicated sports modes, Fitbit Pay.

  1. Ticwatch E

Upcoming Smartwatches

The Ticwatch E is an affordable and well-balanced smartwatch, with enough of Mobvoi’s own flavours to help it stand out from the increasingly crowded family of Android Wear watches. Looking for a serious fitness watch? This isn’t it.

It doesn’t have features to set your world on fire. In fact, most of it is what feels like the bare minimum for what a smartwatch should do – except for, well, NFC payments, which is a disappointing exclusion.

Its advantage, however, is that what it does do it does well. Tic Health and Fit are more user friendly than Google Fit and Health on the device, and overall it feels like Mobvoi has put more of its own stamp on Android Wear than we’ve seen from other brands.

The Ticwatch E isn’t being heavily aimed at the fitness enthusiasts; for that, there’s the Ticwatch S. But health and fitness do make up the most interesting additions to the watch, the main one being the Tic Health app, which lets you keep track of your activity and exercise in a style that Apple Watch fans will be familiar with – rings. In fact, they’re pretty much copy and pasted.

  1. LG Watch Sport

Upcoming Smartwatches

The flagship model for the Android Wear 2.0 launched in early 2017 but, even now, still feels like the best Wear watch on balance. With GPS, LTE and NFC for Android Pay on board, the LG Watch Sport is more rounded than its sibling, the LG Watch Style.

Beyond outdoor workouts like running, it can keep track of reps in the gym, which is a surprising and welcome addition, and it’ll track heart rate in all your activities. However, it’s only water resistant to 1.5 metres for 30 mins, which makes it unsuitable for swimming.

It’s also very bulky. 46mm wide might not sound like much, but then you have the depth, and there’s a lot of it here. In fact, if we had to pick one criticism of the Watch Sport it’s that it crams so much in, it does so to its detriment. The size will be too overbearing for many, and the LG Watch Style is worth a look, but the pay-off in size means that most of the great features of the Watch Sport have been discarded.

Finally, the screen really impresses with the 1.38-inch, 480 x 480 OLED display using its 348ppi to best the Apple Watch Series 3 and others.

Feature check: GPS, LTE, NFC, Android Pay, heart rate monitor.

  1. Samsung Gear S3

Upcoming Smartwatches

Compatible with Android and iOS, the Gear S3 is an improvement on the Gear S2 in all ways but one: the design. Or at least we think so; you might disagree and prefer that bigger, bunkier look. While it might look more like a classic watch than the S2, it’s also much bigger – 46mm wide.

However that larger body affords it a screen where Tizen can really shine, and a bigger battery, from which we’ve managed to squeeze an average of three days from – much better than anything in the Android Wear stable or from the Apple Watch.

Samsung treads between smartwatch and fitness tracker, also packing in a heart rate sensor along with that GPS and its much-improved Samsung Health software. There’s the option of LTE too if you wish for an untethered connection, with a standalone speaker for taking calls on the watch.

It’s not quite the ultimate fitness all-in-one thanks to a lack of proper waterproofing, which makes swimming out of the question (check out the newer Samsung Gear Sport if that’s more you bag) and the poor app selection puts it behind its rivals in terms of versatility but strong individual style, the intuitive rotating bezel and great battery life mean it’s keeping ahead of anything from Android Wear in our list currently.

Feature check: GPS, Samsung Pay, Tizen, heart rate monitor

  1. Michael Kors Access Grayson

Upcoming Smartwatches

The Bradshaw and Dylan watches just missed the mark but the Access Grayson is more fashion-conscious. There’s no denying that the Grayson wants to stand out, and fans of a more “dressy” or bigger watches will probably find it a better fit than those who like to keep their wrist wear understated.

One of the most immediately noticeable improvements is that the flat tyre, a blemish on last year’s designs, is gone, with a nice 1.39-inch, 454 x 454 pixel AMOLED display.

There’s often criticism for upcoming smartwatches lacking a heart rate monitor or GPS, but unless you’re someone who runs with their expensive stainless steel watch on the regular, we don’t see it as a problem.

However the lack of NFC, and therefore Android Pay, is a definite black mark. We’ve debated over whether Google should make NFC a minimum standard across Android Wear, and we do see both sides of the argument. But with a watch like this, it feels like a big missed opportunity in lieu of fitness elements – especially with the extra shortcut button.

Feature check: MK customised displays, IP67 water resistance.

  1. Garmin Vivoactive 3

Upcoming Smartwatches

The Garmin Vivoactive HR was for a very long time our go-to smartwatch for sports lovers. Running, cycling, swimming, golf – Garmin’s smartwatch had you well and truly covered. With the Vivoactive 3, you’ll be getting more of the same, albeit with a more attractive circular watch design and features that make it more of an Apple Watch, Samsung Gear or Fitbit Ionic rival than before.

We have to start off with the new look, which is a welcome change from the blocky builds of the previous Vivo upcoming smartwatches. The 240 x 240 pixel display at the heart of the body is by no means the brightest or vibrant you’ll find, but crucially delivers strong visibility in most workout conditions whether you’re sweating it out indoors or outside.

As far as the number of sports available to track, it’s more of the same. Heart rate monitoring is decent if not class-leading, and it won’t keep you waiting around for a GPS signal. There’s now also rep counting for weight lifters and all the stress tracking goodies from Garmin’s fitness trackers, too. As sporty upcoming smartwatches go, this is the best in our eyes, and builds on all the good work Garmin did with its previous iterations.

Feature check: GPS/GLONASS, heart rate monitor, dedicated sports modes including swimming, Garmin Pay.

  1. Asus Zenwatch 3

Upcoming Smartwatches

One of the best looking smartwatch out there

OS: Android Wear 2.0 | Compatibility: Android, iOS | Display: 1.39″ 400 x 400 AMOLED | Processor: Snapdragon Wear 2100 | Case dimensions: 44mm diameter, 9.9mm thick | Onboard storage: 4GB | Battery: 2 days | Charging method: via proprietary USB charger | IP rating: IP67 | Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

Vivid displayExcellent battery lifeLacks heart rate sensorProprietary straps

If you are in the market for an Android Wear smartwatch, the Asus ZenWatch 3 is one of the finest out there. It has an attractive conventional watch like design, good display and hardware buttons that are actually useful.

On the downside, there are some sensors missing on the watch, but Asus has covered it commendably with the design, which makes the watch look more like a premium watch that a piece of lifeless technology.

  1. Fossil Q Marshal

Upcoming Smartwatches

A rugged, yet stylish smartwatch

Compatibility: Android 4.3+, iOS8+ | Display: 1.5″ 360 x 360 LCD | Processor: Snapdragon Wear 2100 | Onboard storage: 4GB | Battery duration: Up to 24h | Charging method: Wireless charging | IP rating: IP67 | Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

Fully circular displayConventional designMissing heart rate sensorFlat tyre in display

The Fossil Q Marshal, one of two new Android Wear upcoming smartwatches launched by the firm at IFA 2016, sports a rugged, yet stylish design making it one of the best looking wearables currently around.

Prices start at Rs 18,995 and increase if you fancy spending a little extra on a leather or stainless steel strap versus the entry level silicone band.The Fossil Q Marshal is a great looking smartwatch, and with the added performance boost of the Snapdragon 2100 processor it’s making a strong play in the Android Wear field.

It’s a genuine competitor to the Apple Watch and new Samsung Gear S3, and for those looking for something a bit different, and cool, the Q Marshal is very enticing.

  1. Pebble Time Round

Upcoming Smartwatches

The best-looking Pebble yet, but at a cost in terms of functionality

OS: Pebble OS | Compatibility: Android 4.3+, iOS8+ | Display: 1.0″ E-Paper | Processor: Arm Cortex-M4 | Band sizes: Fixed large band | Onboard storage: 16MB | Battery: 2880 hours | Charging method: Magnetic charging port | Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

Ultra slim and lightvery easy to useApp support issuesExpensive

The Pebble Time Round is ultra-comfortable because it’s so slim, so light, and has such a malleable strap. You’ll probably forget you’re wearing it on occasion.

It is a very ‘nice’ smartwatch – and I mean that in both the positive sense of the word, and the meaning that comes with an ever-so-slight sneer.

However, it doesn’t work with a lot of existing Pebble apps, a situation that seems unlikely to be fully remedied. More important, it trades away the convenience of previous Pebbles for looks, with a battery that only lasts two days, or less with intensive use.

This takes away from the laid-back style worth appreciating in the Time Steel. But if you don’t mind the sense you’re charging it all the time, the Pebble Time Round is a very pleasant watch to live with.

  1. TAG Heuer Connected 2

Upcoming Smartwatches

The original TAG Heuer Connected smartwatch was teased at Basel world 2015. After which it was launch at the end of 2015. It might have been the first smartwatch from the company, but not the last.

It was told that the successor of this series will be released in May 2017. There wouldn’t be many new features added to this. But the new Connected smartwatch will offer a payment function, NFC, better GPS, and longer battery life. Additionally, there would be a smaller model introduced in new colors and materials.

  1. Swarovski Android Wear smartwatch

Upcoming Smartwatches

Swarovski is bringing out an Android Wear smartwatch of its own at Baselworld in March 2017. The device was confirmed at CES 2017 after Qualcomm announced it would have its chipset inside.

No details are revealed about the smartwatch itself except the processor. Anyhow, we’ll have to wait a few months before we find out what it will look like, but can expect all the sparkles

  1. Misfit Vapor

Upcoming Smartwatches

The Misfit Vapor is the activity tracking company’s first touchscreen smartwatch. This is the company’s most advanced device yet. It has all the usual activity and sleeps tracking features. It includes optical heart-rate monitoring, built-in GPS, and standalone music functionality.

Vapor has a 44mm stainless steel casing. It is water resistant up to 50 meters and it has Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor under the hood. It will be available sometime later in 2017

  1. Casio WSD-F20

Upcoming Smartwatches

This is going to be the second Android Wear watch of the company. The new device is designed with the same style as its predecessor. It is water resistance that can hold up to 50 meters and is MIL-STD-810 certified. It includes built-in GPS and supports offline mapping.

It runs on Android Wear 2.0, has a 1.32-inch dual-layer display. This design will consume low power and so the battery juice will remain for longer. It will be available from 21 April 2017.

  1. Tissot Smart-Touch

Upcoming Smartwatches

Tissot used Baselworld 2016 to reveal its Smart-Touch smartwatch. The device is a watch first but delivers a range of functions beyond the current T-Touch offering.

The design is based on the T-Touch Solar models. It features a titanium case, ceramic bezel and sapphire crystal face with quartz movement inside. The battery can be charged by the solar energy. It features functions including a timer, alarms, compass, barometer, and temperature.

When connected to your smartphone, the Smart-Touch will allow you to sync the time, get weather updates, change settings and share experiences with your friends. There are also connected accessories, including a Find-It tag to help you keep track of other items and a weather station that can give you humidity, air quality, and temperature readings.

The Tissot Smart-Touch smartwatch was due to be available late-2016 for around CHF1000, which is roughly Rs.49920. But nothing has appeared as yet. This will be one among the best upcoming smartwatches.

  1. Titan Juxt

Upcoming Smartwatches

Titan Juxt is a Circular shaped Smartwatch that comes with a strap.That is going to make your life easier.It is powered by a The Smartwatch is compatible with devices which support Android 4.4 and above,iOS 8 and higher OS.The activity sensors on the device work together towards keeping a track of your Step count,Calorie count.The Smartwatch is Water resistant and hence you need not worry about a little drizzle or sweating while working out.

The connectivity options avaiable on it are Bluetooth.By connecting your mobile device with Titan Juxt Smartwatch you can easily access Text Message,By connecting your mobile device with Titan Juxt Smartwatch you can easily access Text Message,Incoming Call,notifications.

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