Android 6.0 Features All you Need to Know

Android 6.0 features
Android 6.0 features

Android 6.0 release date

Well On September 29, 2015, Google has officially released its android 6.0 marshmallow. And start hitting on their nexus devices that update button from Monday, October 5.

And on other devices, it has been updated according to their manufacturers. So, now Let’s Talk about their 6 six features that they have focused:-

Android 6.0 features
Android 6.0 features

Marshmallow Android 6.0 features

1. App permissions

You can change the authorizations allowed to applications in your Settings, or you can see authorizations by sort and see which applications have that consent conceded. It’s about giving you a power control over your Android Smartphone.

App permissions
App permissions

2. Web experience

Chrome Custom Tabs will permit applications to open a new Chrome window on top of the dynamic application, rather than propelling the Chrome application independently. It’s guaranteed this gives a quicker and more instinctive when exploring amongst applications and the web.

Chrome Custom Tabs underpins programmed sign-in, spared passwords, autofill, and multi-handle security to help the reconciliation of the application and web understanding

Web experience
Web experience

3. Fingerprint support

Google will standardize support for unique mark scanners on smartphones that running on Android Marshmallow. The new usefulness will permit unique finger impression scanners to be utilized to open telephones, as well as to make buys when shopping, all things considered, or inside Play Store applications.

Fingerprint support
Fingerprint support

4. Mobile payments

Android Pay is Google’s new versatile installments framework, intended to make the checkout procedure less demanding and quicker. Perfect with any gadget including NFC capacities (and running 4.4 KitKat or over), the Android Pay stage is being upheld by American Express, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover, and in addition transporters, for example, AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile. Google’s reaction to Apple Pay is here.

mobile payments
mobile payments

5. App links

Application connections are being changed in Android 6.0, so Android has a more noteworthy attention to which applications can open substance straightforwardly, rather than halting clients each time with the discourse box. On the off chance that you tap a Twitter interface in an email, for instance, the Twitter application will open consequently as opposed to inciting you to inquire as to whether you need to utilize Twitter to view it.

app links
app links

6. Power and charging

We as a whole loathe coming up short on battery and Android Marshmallow needs to facilitate our torment by making utilization of another capacity called Dose to enhance gadget standby time. By utilizing movement indicators, Android will perceive when a gadget hasn’t been communicated with for some time, for example, when a man is snoozing or a telephone has been left on a table, and decrease foundation forms.

Android Marshmallow additionally underpins USB Type-C, which gives speedier charging and gives clients a chance to accuse different gadgets of their telephone.


What else is new in Android Marshmallow?


Auto Backup and Restore for Apps

In the event that you lose your gadget or erase the application, your past advance will be reestablished whenever you introduce it, and it even works with applications which are side-stacked or got to through an outsider application store.

New app drawer

One of the most immediately visual changes to Android 6.0 is the new app drawer. This now scrolls vertically instead of horizontally and is held against a white background, rather than a muted shade of your homepage wallpaper. Across the top of the menu, you will see your four most recently used apps.

Android Marshmallow RAM manager

Google has acquainted another RAM administrator with Android M, with the point of furnishing clients with more exact and fathomable data in regards to the most extreme and normal RAM utilization of applications.

The menu can be found in Settings > Apps > Options (three spots catch) > Advanced > Memory. In spite of the fact that it’s somewhat difficult to explore to, the page offers a far clearer knowledge into application requests, and the general impact they will have on your gadget.

Adaptable Storage Devices

Expanded capacity gadgets are wrapped in a layer of encryption to relieve security concerns and both microSD cards and USB OTG drives are at present supported.
Android Marshmallow dark theme
You can find the dark theme in Settings > Developer Options (which is enabled by tapping on your device build number seven times in the ‘About Phone’ page.)

Google Now

Google Now has been again improved with Android Marshmallow. It is now smarter than ever, and focuses on three key areas:-
being aware of different contexts
providing answers, and
helping you take action

Visual Voicemail

What is visual phone message? It’s essentially how it sounds: visual voice message gives your phone message a visual interface, instead of the sound based setup like in current Android cell phones – whereby you call your bearer and tune in for guidelines. Despite the fact that it might appear like a little expansion, the usefulness requires collaboration from bearers, which may propose why few are presently on board.

RAM Manager

The memory area is currently found up front in the Settings menu. We don’t know how regularly the normal individual will need to monitor memory utilization, however having it evidently unmistakable will ideally bring about more individuals to get comfortable with what RAM administration is and what you can utilize it for.

Network Settings Reset option

Hidden away in the Backup and Reset settings is another new component called Network Settings Reset. This lets you quickly wipe the majority of your system settings, including Wi-Fi associations, cell information, and Bluetooth associations.

Storage gets a makeover

Internal storage is dependably a bother for cell phone clients. Indeed, even with microSD extension and USB On The Go (OTG) you generally appear to need to watch out for accessible storage room. The new form of Android M presents a straightforward line bar that shows how much space you have on your gadget with a breakdown of what is spending your Internal storage.


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